Wednesday, 26 March 2014

BIG Announcement!!!!

Now for the real reason I stopped my Jenny Craig program........I am expecting again!!!!!

Time for baby #2! 

I am really doing my best to eat heathy and use all that I have learnt in my daily food choices.  I am very excited for baby #2 in the fall.

I am eagarly waiting for spring to really arrive so that I can get out more with my little guy.

I hope everyone on the Jenny Craig program is getting great results and feeling motivated to get into some lighter and smaller clothes really soon!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Final Results!!!

I am taking this time to reflect on my success at this point on my Jenny Craig journey. I started out hoping that I could lose 20lbs – and Jenny Craig helped me make that happen NO PROBLEM! Then I decided to lose another 20lbs and I DID IT! Then I thought I would go for ANOTHER 10lbs for a total of 50lbs down. But I realize I am now feeling AWESOME and I really want to stop and ENJOY myself at this time. I talked to my Consultant about this and we decided to start my Maintenance phase to my Program. I am so glad that I now have this support for the next phase of my new LIFESTYLE!! Thank you Jenny Craig!

In total I lost 47.3 pounds and 35 inches off of 4 measured spots on my body!!   I  feel amazing AND definitely can see the difference in my pictures!!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Maintaining my Progess and Getting Closer to my Goal

This week was great! I was on track and focused! Seeing the scale stay on track really made a huge difference in how successful I feel.  After challenges getting in the way I now feel back in my zone.

At my Jenny Craig appointment I was down another 0.3 after my big drop last week. Total loss 47.3lbs!!!!!  There we go!!

Next week should be quite exciting! Going back to the big drop followed by small drop pattern could mean I get to my goal!!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Back in the Game!

Life is back to normal and the scale definitely agrees!!!! My weigh in last week was at 157.9!  My new low!! It definitely is a big loss and getting back on track helped to make that happen.  I am so close to my 50lbs goal now!  I can't wait!! 

This week my Jenny Craig consultant and I discussed some of my motivators.  I really want to be able to fit all my fave clothes in my closet again.  I want to be healthy for my son.  I want to be active and feel great!!! 

Since my Jenny Craig journey started I have felt more confident, my back has stopped getting sore and I enjoy being active again. 

I really can't wait to see my results this week.  I know that getting to that 50lb mark will feel great!  It is also my pre-pregnancy weight which is where I want to be again!  Soon I will be starting my next phase in my Jenny Craig Journey -keeping it off for life! :)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Curve Ball

Life simply goes as expected without any hiccups and then out of the blue a curve ball shows up.  I think we all can relate. This week I thought I was ready and able to handle the extra company I planned on having.  It didn't go as planned.  Unexpected meals and unexpected company were followed by unexpected stress.  :(  This is where old habits and quick fixes came into play.  I have the same go to choices that many have- meals without veggies, high carb snack when I have forgotten to eat every 2-3hours (I get really lightheaded), lots of coffee and a glass of wine.  The busier I am the less I take care of myself and just focus on the others that need me to care for them. 

Obviously I saw a gain on the scale this week.  In a normal week of my own food choices I would have taken much better care of myself.  Getting overwhelmed and taking on more than I am used to made this past week not a normal thought out week. In hindsight I could have taken a few minutes to call my Jenny Craig consultant and it would have helped immensely but I thought I would get back on track the next day.
This week I really leaned on my consultant while I learn to get back on track. In diets in the past, this type of set back might have made me give up. But my Jenny Craig Consultant told me about  the 3day rule, how water retention works in the body,  helping me to understand I can expect a big drop next week as I get back on track. She also said something that I think is the perfect example of why Jenny Craig is above any other weight loss support out there: she reminded me that I am here to not only ‘lose weight’, I am here to become a life-long weight manager. And that set-backs are going to be a part of life, even when I have been at my goal weight 2 years down the road. It’s not about making mistakes. It’s about learning how to get back on track. That's the key to strong weight management control for the future. In other words, this week, not only am I going to be rewarded with a big drop I am learning a very important life lesson for myself!!!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year

On December 31st I was proud to step on the scale and see 158.9.  I gained 0.9lbs in two weeks. I am happy about a gain. Seems funny but I am. In the two weeks before and after Christmas. Definitely felt like a success.  I didn't deprive myself or avoid desserts or treats. I thought about my choices before eating them most times and I enjoyed all that I wanted 100%. I had my Jenny Craig plan and meals that played a role at times but I definitely had lots of unexpected meals and treats.

To look at things a different way - my weight loss in the month of December is 4.9lbs.  I lost weight over Christmas!  definitely would not have been able to do it on my own.  My Jenny Craig consultant helped me with careful planning and my Jenny Craig menu made the days that were routine 100% weight loss days.  Every single day on track helped make this December a success.  :)

Looking forward I can't wait to get to my goal of 50lbs lost.  It will be a few weeks later than planned but I will be there by the end of January.  Here's to having a great New Year and ringing in 2014 a new mom and 46.1 lbs lighter than last year.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tis' the Season

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!  It has been really great for me and my little family.  We have had a bit of travel, a few family get togethers and some quiet relax time together.  Food-wise I think it has gone okay.  I have made some better choices than in the past and thinking about my goal has helped me to stick to or get back to my planned Jenny Craig meals.

Having lost the weight I have already done with the help of Jenny Craig definitely made a positive difference in how I enjoyed and celebrated this Christmas.  It felt great to wear a fitted outfit with my favourite winter coat.  I was comfortable and confident.  Being able to wear a smile all day especially when pictures were being taken created a great memory to revisit.

My Jenny Craig appointment was on boxing day but I did not weigh.  I was unsure what the scale would say and didn't want to see an inflated number after have a few meals on my own.  Sometimes higher sodium or water retention can affect the scale.  Either way I am quite happy to be back on my routine and I look forward to seeing what the scale says on New Year's Eve.